Saturday, July 27, 2019

Gallery review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Gallery review - Essay Example They bring about a sense of sexuality and romance. This exhibit is different from the others in the sense that it is catchy and controversial at the same time. Different people might interpret the pictures differently, but what really matters is the fact that; the pictures are an excellent piece of artwork (Barrett, 2003). Various aspects of the pictures are of interest to me, and call for further research. Students who viewed pictures in gallery two had different interpretations, which prompted a deeper insight of their meaning. Eye movement through the pictures was swift. I skimmed through the pictures to try and get an exclusive interpretation of their meaning. The picture’s visual attraction was of much interest than trying to understand what the artist had accomplished. The arrangement of the pictures below illustrates that eye movement was triggered by visual impression. After skimming through the pictures, I had a slight idea of what the artist was trying to communicate. My attention was drawn by the nudity of the last image. My eye movement around this image was in a circular motion. I scanned through this image to acquire some knowledge on why the artist thought of posting it (Barrett, 2000). The colours in the pictures enhanced their interpretation. A sexual aura and a sense of romance could not have been portrayed without the bright colours. The bright colours were an indication of a seamless compatibility between the pictures. These colours create an intimacy and energy that remained present in the images. The images from this gallery have a hidden meaning. They all involve a woman, which tries to bring out the idea of her lifestyle. The seamless documentary-style images try to bring about a sense of addiction and sex. The images might also tend to expose the preoccupations and interest of the artist and his subjects. Observing the pictures triggers the brain to teeter between realism and expanded ideas of the

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