Thursday, September 26, 2019

Music, Movement or Creative Art Lesson Plan Assignment

Music, Movement or Creative Art Lesson Plan - Assignment Example e motor skills (Art), gross motor skills (Movement), social skills when they sing, dance and work together with other children, cognitive skills when they identify and talk about the animals and what they look/sound like as well as what they do. I can even make them sort the pictures of animals in various ways such as grouping them according to covering, to habitat or to the number of body parts. Finally, the song teaches about values because it focuses on praise and thanksgiving. I considered that all my students have different needs. For those who can join the main activity, I have prepared the song and dance and the art activities. However for my students who may not be capable of the activities due to some disability, age or lack of skill, I have also devised some ways for them to also participate such as improvising on the materials they can use (ex. Glue sticks instead of liquid glue; thick paint brushes instead of thin ones; easels instead of tables, with corresponding thicker paints). I have also considered those who may be unable to join the group movement activity to just watch the video in another room so that they can also enjoy the song while doing the small movements on their own without inhibitions. The children welcomed these differentiated strategies. Those who were sent to the video room initially just wanted to stay, and they were allowed to be with the group, but later on, they asked to see the video separately. The younger ones were able to do the Butterfly Blotto, but needed more assistance so that they control their impulse to paint the whole page instead of just the folded part. In any case, the lesson was a success! This lesson was the initial one and I did not expect mastery at once. I planned that the activities were motivators and reminders for the coming days of the lesson and activities we did. The following days also dealt with the same topic, but we focused on other areas such as what the animals ate, how they lived and which ones

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