Friday, August 23, 2019

Health and Safety in the Health and Social Care Workplace Essay

Health and Safety in the Health and Social Care Workplace - Essay Example Dilemmas encountered in implementation systems and policies 3.4. Effects of non compliance of legislation 4. Health and Safety policies 4.1. Effects of non compliance of legislation 4.2. Effectiveness of policies that promote a positive health and safety culture 4.3. Evaluation of own contribution 5. Conclusion Health and Safety in the Health and Social Care Workplace 1. Introduction Health and safety of the worker should be guaranteed when they are at work. This paper will talk about how health and safety legislation is implemented at work. It will identify requirements and impacts of policies of health and safety. It will discuss monitoring and review of the health and safety in the hospital workplace. 2. Health and Safety legislation implementation at the work place 2.1. Systems, policies and procedures for communication Neal and Wright (1993, p. 106) note that communication in the work place is virtue in ensuring the goals of the organization are met. This is achieved by using wr itten, verbal and graphic methods of communication. Verbal information is crucial for training, is simple and transfers information fast. Written information is usually in the form of memo, email, posters and reports which are clearly written. Written information is placed on notice board to communicate an important message. Graphics such as drawings, photos and videos are effective massagers of information. The use of safety sign posts is championed by the 1996 Health and Safety regulation. This regulation ensures that signs used are uniform in the entire hospital. The bottom line for such signs is for them to have an effect of illumination and us simple acoustic symbols or hand signals. Visible signs identifying designated rooms and restricted areas are placed in the entire hospital. The names of those in charge of first aid, supervisor on duty and fire assembly point are placed on the notice board for all employees to be aware. Whenever new employees are inducted, they are given information on possible dangers that may arise and how to report the cases. In addition, general safety precaution measures are written and given to employee regularly. This is done after the organization does an assessment risk for the work place. 2.2. Responsibilities in relation to the organization structure The management of the hospital is responsible for ensuring that the working environment is safe in line with the legislation such as RIDOR (Reporting of Incidents Disease and Dangerous Occurrences). According to Hughes and Ferrett (2011, p. 58) the health and safety commission, executive, management and employees have designated duties. The commission comes up with the legislation that the health care institution follows. The facility reports death incidents immediately for the authorities to investigate. The management is mandated with the responsibility of ensuring that the law is followed by the employees by facilitated a good working environment. They take liability insur ance for the organization. They ensure that the facilities are safe for employees and customers. They support practical, safe and healthy work activities. Safety of working equipment and physical premise is also warranted. Moreover, a risk assessment, safety policy and communication of the same are communicated by the management to employees and others using the hospital facilities. A written policy statement on safety is provided. This policy statement assigns diverse

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