Monday, August 12, 2019

Should Same-Sex Marriage be Legalized Worldwide Essay

Should Same-Sex Marriage be Legalized Worldwide - Essay Example Equality is fundamental and same sex marriages should also be constitutionally recognized. The definition of marriage should deviate from the ‘thicker’ religious perception to the ‘thin’ altered government definition to incorporate other marriages and enforce equality and respect for the rights of all people. The paper also argues that denying homosexuals rights to marriage is a denial of their rights in pursuit of happiness. Finally, it argues that though resistance could be high in other areas, the societies are slowly changing their perception and most nations have adopted or are in due process of recognizing same-sex marriages. Keywords: Homosexual, Same Sex Marriages, Straight Marriages, Heterosexual Marriages, Protections, Cultures, Beliefs, Equality, Pursuit of Happiness, Religion, Christian, Attitudes, Society, Rights, Government The issue of homosexuality has long history in the world. Its existence had always been suppressed by the social and political altitudes in the societies, which prevented the concerned parties from standing up for what they believed in. Allegedly, families have raised children and dictated what is needed of them. However, those who have demonstrated pure sexual attraction to people of the same gender have been condemned and are forced to change their preferences to suit others’ expectations. Some parents have gone far to reject their own children who choose to and uphold their position on same sex marriage. Cases of homosexuality can well be traced in the ancient times of Egyptians, Greeks and the Romans. Though not popular as in the contemporary world, the Christian dominated negative attitude of the same sex marriages has remained over time; the imposition of an Eskridge in the roman empire during the 4th century demonstrated the rising homosexual unions, which the empire w as

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