Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Persuasive Memo Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Persuasive Memo - Assignment Example , it is the opinion of our legal department that we are not going to be in violation of any laws should be decide to with-hold healthcare coverage of part-time employees. Although our responsible research teams have assured us that we are not facing any legal backlash by withholding ACA coverage to our variable-hour employees (part-timers), it would still be best for us as a corporation to offer our variable hour employees access to a medical plan coverage which they may choose to accept or waive depending upon their personal ability to pay for the coverage. We are under no legal obligation to shoulder their health care coverage. However, other companies such as Trader Joes have offered similar plans to their employees with successful results as more part-time employees opt to shop for insurance coverage on their own based upon their own ability to pay. (University of Missouri System, â€Å"The Affordable Care Act†) An in-house survey of our variable-hour workers shows that they often have other jobs aside from the one that they currently hold with us. Their other jobs have also offered them the opportunity to either partake of company insurance coverage or procure their own health insurance coverage. It appears that they have mostly made their own arrangements for their individual insurance coverages. It is understood that our company values the contribution of our variable-hour workers to our companys growth and reliable income performance. Therefore, it would be in our best interests to still find a method by which we can care for our variable-hour employees health without giving them to same insurance coverage as our regular employees. We have come up with a list of possible recommendations for your approval. We can offer one or both of the above recommendations to our variable - time employees as an incentive for them to stay healthy and lessen their sick days. Kindly let me know as soon as you have decided upon a course of action based upon the

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