Monday, October 7, 2019

Strategy in practice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words - 1

Strategy in practice - Essay Example At this point emphasis should be made to the following fact: the strategy is not set by any member of the organization; it can be only defined by the organization’s leader (De Wit and Meyer 2010, p.502). Of course, other members of the organization, such as line managers, can have a role in the formulation of organization strategy but this role is limited, usually referring to the provision of information for the performance/ problems of their unit (De Wit and Meyer 2010, p.502). When setting the strategy of the organization leaders can take into consideration the comments of employees in various organizational departments; these comments can affect the organization’s strategy only at the level that the leader of the organization will decide (De Wit and Meyer 2010, p.502). The most important characteristic of strategy is the following: it refers to ‘all functions and parts of the organization’ (Toma 2010, p.16-17). Nestle was first established in Switzerland in 1866 (Nestle, Organizational website, History). Through the decades the company has managed to expand globally, a strategy that has been followed by the increase of the business objectives/ areas of operations. Indeed, in 1866 Nestle has been solely a milk factory; today the business is considered as one of the leaders in the food industry in general (Nestle, Organizational website, History). The strategy of Nestle is incorporated in a graph presented through the organizational website (Figure 1, Appendices). According to the particular graph the strategy of Nestle is divided into three parts (Organizational website, Strategy): a) the firm’s Competitive Advantages; the R&D department of the organization and its extended portfolio of brands are considered as the firm’s major advantages, b) the Growth Drivers: in this category emphasis is given to the firm’s reputation as a firm promoting health through its high-quality food products. At the same

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